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The popularity of international travel and the increasing concentration of people in cities has led to an explosion in bed bug infestations. While these nasty insects aren't a severe health hazard, they are bothersome, unpleasant, and ruinous of a good reputation.

Bed bugs are flat, reddish-brown insects about the size of an apple seed (4-5 mm). They are parasites, living off the blood of their hosts - us! Bed bugs usually find their meals at night in beds; by day, they are crafty little creatures, seeking refuge in the crevasses of mattresses, walls, picture frames, electric outlets, baseboards, and anywhere else they can escape detection.

Bed bugs spread easily; visitors to even the finest hotels hotels can bring them home in their luggage. They can also spread from room to room in a house or apartment building. They are not limited to domiciles, often taking up residence in offices, schools, mass transport, and anywhere else humans congregate. And while bed bugs are more common in cities, they are not uncommon in suburban and rural locales.

People sleeping in infested beds will often discover bites or welts on their skin, though they won't actually feel the bed bugs bite. While bed bugs generally do not transmit disease, they can cause itchiness, sleep difficulties, and allergic reactions. Cleanliness alone cannot prevent an infestation, as the insects can be found in even the most pristine homes and offices. Bed bugs leave droppings all over their hideouts in addition to a sweet yet foul odor. Their presence also threatens the reputation of a business: news of an infestation spreads quickly, damaging the image of the establishment, even if the infestation is no fault of their own.

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Bed bugs should not be taken lightly. Simply throwing out an infected mattress isn't enough. Left unchecked, they can fully infest a home and hitchhike on others' belongings to spread to other homes. Please do not procrastinate - contact us immediately for a free quote. General Environmental Services is well-equipped for eliminating this invasive pest.

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