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General Environmental Services provides exceptional pest-control solutions to businesses and residential customers in the areas around Brookline, MA. Pest control in Brookline is necessary during every season of the year. Our customers have come to expect the most reliable and professional service from our company. We are dedicated to eliminating all of your pest problems in the least invasive manner possible.

Pest Control, Brookline, MA

The Brookline, MA area is a great place for living, and many people will come here from around the world to experience the exciting city life. However, there are also many pests that can invade homes, offices and commercial properties during every season of the year. Many amateur remedies are ineffective when dealing with pests like mosquitoes, bed bugs and termites, for example. This is why we provide the most effective pest-control solutions to our customers who live and work within the Boston Metro area as well as the surrounding areas.


Mosquitoes are attracted to the warm, humid areas of the country. Unfortunately, Brookline is one of these areas. We understand how to deal with the various conditions that allow mosquitoes to breed and swarm in this region of the country. Mosquitoes can leave marks on the skin of victims, and they can even carry diseases like Lyme disease and the West Nile virus. These diseases can affect children as well as pets, and it is important for anyone who suspects an infection to seek medical treatment right away. Common symptoms include fever, stomach aches, headaches and nausea.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are found in the areas around Boston, and this includes Brookline. Many people move in and out of apartments and office buildings in this area. Bed bugs can hitchhike on furniture, clothing and other household items. They will hide during the day, and they come out at night seeking to feast on human blood. They will bite into the flesh of people who are sleeping, and they leave behind red marks that cause emotional distress.


Termites are also common to areas in Boston. These pests enter the home looking for moist wood, paper materials and similar types of food supplies. They also use the wood to build their nests, and they may leave behind a trail of dust. Some termites shed their wings, and these will pile up in the attic or basement areas. They are known to swarm in large numbers, so it is important to prevent them from growing their colonies whenever possible.

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Our company is dedicated to ensuring that your time in Brookline is pest-free. We use the most effective methods, products and technologies available to solve your problems with pest infestations. This area is a great place, and many people enjoy the experiences offered by this amazing region of the country. We are always ready to make sure that a pest infestation does not distract you from taking advantage of everything that the Brookline, MA area has to offer. Contact General Environmental Services for all of your pest control needs.

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