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Rat a_tat_tatPeople can find many excellent reasons to live in Cambridge, Mass. It offers great employment opportunities and easy access to Boston. Residents also appreciate the wide variety of restaurants, entertainment venues and festivals. Unfortunately, harmful insects and rodents also find this a desirable place to live. These three pests often benefit from the city's moist, moderately warm climate:

Bed Bugs

The bed bug is a small, flat insect that can easily hide in tiny crevices and holes. It frequently infests luggage, furnishings, electronics and apparel. This aggravating pest usually invades buildings when people buy used merchandise or take long trips. Cambridge's proximity to major airports and train stations puts the city's homes and businesses at greater risk.

Bed bugs can cause significant harm. Their bites irritate the skin and make it difficult for people to get enough sleep. Homeowners often discard valuable belongings because the insects are so difficult to fully eradicate. An infestation may also ruin the reputation of a hotel, movie theater or clothing shop. The good news is that pest control professionals can eliminate these bugs with powerful insecticides and heat treatments.


Like bed bugs, female mosquitoes feed on blood that they draw from humans and animals. These slender flies normally breed in stagnant water. They can quickly reproduce in areas with puddles, ponds and marshes. The same thing happens when people abandon objects that hold water, such as swimming pools or old buckets. Unlike some flies, mosquitoes seek both indoor and outdoor prey.

These annoying insects can interrupt sleep and prevent people from enjoying outdoor activities. Most bites result in itchy bumps that take about a day to disappear. The Cambridge Public Health Department warns that mosquitoes also expose residents to Eastern equine encephalitis and West Nile virus. General Environmental Services can eliminate breeding areas and use insecticide mists to control mosquito populations.


Mice or rats often infest a building by finding small gaps in its structure and using them as entrances. They can also create new holes with their sharp teeth. Rodents may build nests in the attic or return to outdoor burrows after foraging. The city of Cambridge reports that the only rat species in this area is the Norway rat.

Rodents have the ability to seriously damage a building or its contents. They gnaw on objects that range from plastic garbage cans to electrical wires. Many homes catch fire during mouse or rat invasions. These creatures also ruin food, spread parasites and litter surfaces with feces. Pest control experts banish rodents by sealing holes and setting traps.

When unwanted visitors infest your home or business, turn to the professionals at General Environmental Services. Our company has served customers in the Cambridge area for over three decades. We understand how important it is to restore normalcy to your life. You can count on us to use effective pest control strategies that deliver lasting results. Please call today for a free estimate.

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