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Carpenter ants play an important role outdoors as the decomposer of dead, rotten trees. When they move their role indoors, however, your business or residential building can suffer significant structural damage. In our years of service, we have seen damage requiring extensive repair.

Black, shiny and between one-quarter and three-quarter inches long typify the species common in Massachusetts, but, with more than 18 species of carpenter ants running the gamut of size and color, you may have difficulties identifying the pest. The ant's shape provides you with a more reliable means of identification. A single node found on its waist and an evenly rounded thorax distinguish a carpenter ant from other ants, which have a thorax with an uneven profile and either one or two waist nodes. 

If you see black ants congregating in your house or find small piles of small, sawdust-like shavings, you likely have carpenter ants nesting in your home.

Sometimes, carpenter ants' damage is restricted to unsettled emotions: They occasionally nest in hollows naturally found behind walls, windows and doors, and they might restrict their presence to moist wood already decayed. However, if they create satellite nests, they leave the moist conditions of their primary nest and tunnel through dry, solid wood. Extensive tunneling, especially in wood with structural functions, severely damages your home and, possibly, its structural integrity. The damage increases as the duration of the carpenter ants' tenancy lengthens. 

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Carpenter ants' nests may be hidden and difficult to find, and these ants require proper identification because pest control treatments differ between carpenter ant and other ant species. If you suspect a carpenter ant invasion of your home, call us for a free quote: We have the professional experience required to identify and remove the pests.

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