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Lynn is cold in the winter and warm in the summer. The climate is somewhat humid during most of the year since there is rain in the summer and snow in the winter. Residents see a fair share of pests ranging from raccoons to spiders. Most pests that thrive off of the moisture, greenery and other bugs in the summer move indoors during the winter. One pest that is problematic regardless of the season is a bedbug.

Where To Find Bedbugs

Bedbugs are distinguishable by their tiny flat bodies, which are brown and round to slightly elongated. They tend to be more round after they have had a blood meal. They range in size between a speck of dirt and a small pebble depending on their life stage. Bedbugs prefer to hide in dark places where they can wait for sleeping prey. You may find them under your sheets or mattress, under furniture cushions or in the carpet. You must be quick about searching since they shy away from light and movement.

A common sign of these pests is dirt-like residue that is a reddish-brown color. This is their excrement. You may see exoskeletons that have been shed. Also, some people report a musky scent where an infestation is located. Another indicator of a bedbug problem is their bites. If you notice red itchy bumps on your skin, they may be from bedbugs. There are usually multiple bumps, and they often appear in a straight line.

How Bedbugs Spread

Bedbugs spread easily on clothing and in luggage or purses. You may pick them up from a hotel, your workplace or even a friend's home. Your child could bring them home from school if there are communal coat and bag racks. Bedbugs can also crawl between different lockers, which means that you can pick them up from the gym as well. The possibilities are endless. When bedbugs breed in your home, their population grows rapidly.

Risks Of Bedbugs

Although bedbug bites do not usually cause harm and are not poisonous, scratching the bites may result in a skin infection. Another risk for some individuals is spreading bedbugs. Some landlords include wording in a lease that holds a tenant financially responsible for treatment of his or her unit and any surrounding units if a bedbug infestation is traced to that person. Also, bedbugs are hard to eradicate. Their tiny bodies make it easy for them to hide in small crevices. Although they live off of human blood, they can still survive for months without fresh blood. All of these factors make a recipe for a disastrous pest infestation.

How To Remove Bedbugs

You may see bedbug sprays for sale online or DIY methods listed in forums. Only professionals have the right substances and methods for removal. You could wind up hurting yourself, your family members or your belongings by using ineffective DIY methods. Also, wasting time with these methods only means that the infestation will grow even more. If you see bedbugs, call a professional immediately. Schedule an inspection if you suspect bedbugs but are not sure if an infestation exists. We also offer preventative plans for bedbugs and other pests. Please contact General Environmental Services for pest control in the Boston metro area.

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