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There are dozens of mosquito species in New England, and many of them feed on the blood of people and pets. When the weather is warm enough, countless homes in the region become infested with these flying pests. While many people think of mosquitoes as nothing more than a nuisance, their bites can actually lead to serious health problems. 

Health Risks Associated With Mosquitoes in Essex, Ipswich & Rockport

According to biologists, mosquitoes are more deadly than any other animal in the world. They kill millions of humans and livestock each year by spreading diseases such as malaria and yellow fever. These diseases have been mostly eradicated in the United States, but mosquitoes are still able to spread the infamous West Nile virus. Those who become infected with this virus are at risk for a number of illnesses, including West Nile fever, encephalitis, meningitis, and skin problems. Dogs and cats are also at risk as mosquito bites are the exclusive cause of heartworm. 

Signs of an Infestation

Mosquitoes typically hunt in groups, and the best way to tell if your property is infested is to keep an eye out for large swarms. Most species are nocturnal, and the evening is the best time to detect them. If you notice large mosquito swarms around your home, you may be living near a breeding ground. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water or damp soil, depending on the species. Ideal mosquito breeding sites include swamps, creeks, lakebeds, ponds, and poorly maintained swimming pools.

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