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Established in 1979, General Environmental Services is now one of the most trusted full service pest control companies in eastern Massachusetts. Norfolk County is located in our service area, and we can help you with any pest problems that you may have. We deal with all kinds of pests, including common culprits such as ants, bed bugs and termites.


Ants may seem to be relatively harmless, but they actually cause a variety of problems for home and business owners. Many species are attracted to electrical equipment, and they can cause power outages by chewing on wires. Ants also tend to pick up bacteria from dirty surfaces and spread it to household food items as they forage.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are tiny insects, and they can easily get into your home through cracks and spaces of almost any size. These insects feed exclusively on humans and other sources of blood, and the itchy bumps and rashes caused by their bites are both painful and nerve-wracking. A single female bed bug can lay up to 500 eggs in its lifetime, and a few bed bugs can quickly grow into a sizable infestation. 


Most termite infestations in Massachusetts involve the state's native eastern subterranean termite species. These termites live in colonies which consist of extensive tunnel networks beneath the soil. Termite workers feed on wood 24 hours a day, and they can cause critical damage to your home or office in a matter of weeks.

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