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As a responsible homeowner, you probably have contact information for plumbers, electricians and other contractors to ensure you know who to call when the need arises. What about pest control issues, though? Do you know who to call in the event of an infestation? Even if you're not currently experiencing any pest control problems, odds are they will occur at some point. After all, many pests create issues for homeowners in and around Plymouth; bed bugs, carpenter ants, mosquitoes and termites are especially prevalent in this part of Massachusetts. With that in mind, you should be prepared to act quickly if pests decide to make themselves at home in your home.

What's the Worst that Could Happen?

Bed Bug_3Seeing the occasional ant or mosquito is one thing; having your home and/or property overrun with them is another matter entirely. Seemingly harmless pests can cause extensive - and expensive - amounts of damage.

Take carpenter ants, for instance. Their fondness for tunneling through wood can actually compromise the structural integrity of a home. They also like to invade human food supplies.

Bed bugs are every homeowner's worst fear. Even if you keep your home spic and span, they can be carried in via suitcases, shoes, clothes and other means. In fact, that's essentially the only way they get into a home, so keeping a clean house in no way guarantees that they'll stay away. They don't cause structural damage, per se, but they make getting a good night's sleep virtually impossible and leave victims with nasty bites.

You probably don't need to be warned about the dangers of termites, which can and often do cause serious damage to homes.

Finally, mosquitoes can put a huge damper on your enjoyment of your yard. Instead of spending long, lazy summer evenings out on the patio with friends, you're likelier to stay holed up inside to avoid being bitten by these nasty pests.

What You Can Do

If you have a pest infestation of any kind, do-it-yourself measures can only go so far. Without being properly eradicated, pests will return again and again. Don't waste your time. Bring in the professionals instead. General Environmental Services is here to help you return your home to a pest-free state, so give us a call now.

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