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Salem is a well-known city for its controversial past but also for its pleasant residential areas, amenities and close proximity to Boston. The climate is somewhat damp since there is plentiful precipitation during each season. With the humidity and greenery of the summer months, small pests and larger pests that feed off of smaller pests are plentiful. From wasps to mice, you are sure to experience a few nuisances if you live in the area. Two of the most common pests are bedbugs and termites.


There are both dampwood and drywood termites to worry about. Dampwood termites generally destroy rotting tree stumps and shrubbery. However, they are known to attack wood under your home and behind the walls especially if there is seeping water. Drywood termites destroy anything from support beams and eaves to wallpaper and textiles.

Dampwood termites enter your home through tiny tubes or tunnels of dirt, which may be visible along the foundation of your home. Drywood termites usually enter through crevices along your windows or under the doors. When the temperatures start rising in the spring, termites become active. You may notice piles of wings from swarmers after they shed them. There may be gnawed or bubbled wood, and support beams may sound hollow when you knock on them.

You should never try to eradicate a termite infestation alone. Chemical mixtures can harm you, your family, your pets and your home or lawn. When people use DIY methods, they often mistakenly think that they have eliminated the problem when they actually send the colony of termites to a different hard-to-find area. Damages can reach into the thousands within a matter of weeks. This is especially true if the termites attack your foundation or if you have Subterranean termites.


In the past decade, bedbugs have emerged again as a major threat. They have been spreading like wildfire throughout the Northeast. These pests spread on clothing or in bags. People often pick them up from hotels, workplaces, clothing stores, homes of friends, schools, gyms and just about any other place where humans visit.

A bedbug infestation may be marked by a musky odor in one area. Also, there may be reddish-colored excrement that looks like dirt along your mattress or on furniture. Although bedbugs are hard to see because of their tiny size and elusive nature, you may find them by looking under a mattress, furniture cushions or carpeting. Another indicator of their presence is their telltale bite patterns. Bedbug bites are usually tiny, red, itchy and in a straight line.

Bedbugs can live months without feasting on human blood. Their ability to hide in crevices makes them hard to find and remove. Also, the speed at which they reproduce makes them a tough pest to eradicate.

How To Remove Pests In Salem, MA

General Environmental Services offers termite and bedbug removal. We also handle a wide variety of other pests from ants to rodents. If you see bedbugs, termites or any other pests or suspect an infestation, call us for a prompt inspection. We offer reliable and effective pest removal in the Boston metro area. Also, we have preventative plans that keep you ahead of costly pests. Please call us today for a free estimate or for more information.

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