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At General Environmental Services, we deal with every pest problem imaginable. Few insects, however, have the capability of striking fear in the heart of a homeowner like the termite. Silent and destructive, termites can thrive in a home for months or even years without alerting the homeowner to their presence. Unfortunately, it is during this time that they can do the most damage. Termites live off cellulose, which is found in abundant quantities in all homes, regardless of what type of material the house is built from. Massachusetts has many a street lined with beautiful brick houses, of course, but not even these are impervious to termites.

Swarming Termites

As warmer weather envelops New England, swarming termites may become a common sight. Termite swarming occurs when a colony reaches a mature state and begins to reproduce. For homeowners, the first signs of this ritual are usually broken wings. If you’ve noticed discarded wings, mud tunnels, or dark pellets in or around your home, don’t procrastinate. By the time a termite colony has advanced to produce swarmers, it may already have done a great deal of damage to the structure. 

Eliminating the Colony

Termite control isn’t something you can do on your own. At General Environmental Services, we recommend that you don’t wait until you know you have a problem before doing something about it. A yearly home inspection can ensure that termites don’t have the chance to settle in and get comfortable. If you need an inspection or have noticed signs of a swarm, call us immediately for a free quote. The sooner you act, the greater your protection.

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