Marshfield, MA Pest Control

Bed Bug 3In Marshfield, Massachusetts, pests are a problem throughout the year. Mosquitoes are active during our hot, humid summers and millipedes and earwigs increase in numbers then, too. When summer cools into autumn, pests like spiders and mice seek the warmth of our homes and do their best to stay there throughout the winter. In the spring, residences and businesses in Marshfield often find themselves doing battle with flies and wasps.

The three services described below address some of the most difficult infestations to get rid of on your own. No matter what kind of pest problem you’re facing, the professionals at General Environmental Services have the solution.

Bed Bug Control

There’s no doubt that a bed bug infestation will get in the way of a good night’s rest. These apple-seed sized pests can hide in the tiniest of crevices. They come out of hiding under cover of darkness to feed on the blood of humans and animals. Their bites can create itchy red welts on the skin that are vulnerable to infection from scratching. A bed bug infestation is difficult to remove on your own because this pest is resistant to many pesticides. Also, if only one bed bug survives treatment, that’s enough to start the infestation all over again. General Environmental Services offers the latest in bed bug control techniques. We can help you get rid of these pests while using the most effective and least toxic methods.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes thrive during the warm summer months and are attracted to standing water. Not only are they irritating, but they can transmit diseases to humans and illnesses and parasites to pets. While you can’t eliminate mosquitoes 100 percent from the outdoors, you can drastically lower their numbers on your property by removing breeding sites and applying professional treatments. General Environmental Services can inspect your property to identify water sources that are encouraging mosquito reproduction. We also help you to make sure that mosquitoes stay out of your home or business. We apply safe, professional insecticides and larvicides when they're needed to eliminate mosquitoes from your property.

Termite Control

A termite infestation can cause an incredible amount of property damage, and most insurance plans don’t cover the destruction this pest inflicts. You may not even know you have an infestation because termites live within walls and underground. However, they never stop working behind the scenes, chewing anything that contains cellulose for 24 hours a day. You may have a termite infestation if you see small droppings that look like wood-colored pellets. You may also see small, shedded termite wings near bug-sized openings in your property. If you detect any evidence that termites are inside your home or place of business, call us for an inspection and a customized plan of attack against these destructive pests.

General Environmental Services is Marshfield’s full-service pest control company. We provide safe, effective solutions to solve any pest problem you’re facing. Please give us a call for a free quote today.

Weymouth, MA Pest Control

Hot, humid Weymouth summers may be hard for people living in the area, but there's one part of the population that thrives on warmth and moisture: bed bugs. Find out why these pesky bloodsuckers call our city home -- and what you can do to prevent or eliminate infestations.

Why Do Bed Bugs Love Weymouth MA?

We love the metro Boston area -- but probably for much different reasons than bed bugs. As a bustling city and hub for world-class education, Beantown attracts visitors and newcomers from around the globe. While global travel is a boon to our economy and culture, it also provides ample opportunity for bedbugs to hitch a ride in luggage, purses and laptop bags.

Bed Bug Prevention

One common way for bed bugs to enter homes is by hiding out in furniture. Used furniture is more likely to be infested, but in rare cases, it is possible to bring bugs in on new pieces. Wearing medical gloves, inspect all furniture with a flashlight before bringing it into your home. Check nail or screw holes, crevices and other potential hiding places. If you're inspecting upholstered furniture or a mattress, run a credit card along the fabric while shining your flashlight on the area.

Avoid Bed Bugs Outside of Boston

Weymouth isn't the only city prone to bed bug infestations. When traveling, inspect the bed and other furniture before settling into a room. If you don't see any tiny blood marks upon pulling back the bedspread -- signs that bed bugs have feasted on former guests -- it doesn't necessarily mean you're safe. Pick up the mattress and look for cast skins, eggs, and fecal marks, which look like dark marks from felt-tip pens. Place your luggage in sealed plastic bags until you can inspect it. Freeze any infested items or wash in very hot water.

Bed Bug Identification

Bed bug eggs are pinhead-sized and pearly white. They may sport a dot in the center. Young bed bugs are translucent or yellow-white. They can appear darker after feedings. Fully grown bed bugs are appleseed-sized and have flat, oval-shaped bodies. Adults are reddish-brown with short golden hairs, become more round after feeding and may have a sweetly musty odor. Their beaks have three segments, while their antennas have four parts. Bed bugs have wings but, fortunately, do not fly.

Prevention goes a long way toward keeping bedbugs out of your home or office. If you do spot signs of an infestation, it's time to call the professionals. DIY solutions are ineffective and sometimes even dangerous. General Environmental Services has provided expert pest control services to homes and businesses in and around Boston MA since 1979. Contact us for safe, fast, effective treatments to prevent or eliminate bed bug infestations.

Quincy, MA Pest Control

If you live in Quincy, MA, and are dealing with a pest infestation, you're not alone. Due to the climate of this part of New England, many pests thrive around the area. Although winters here are generally cold and dry, spring, summer and even fall are often warm and humid. These conditions are perfect for a number of common pests, including carpenter ants, termites and mosquitoes. To eliminate pests like these, you need more than do-it-yourself solutions. You need real professionals, and that's what you'll get with General Environmental Services.

Spring is Almost Here

Pest activity tends to decline during the cold months. As soon as things start warming up, however, calls for pest control services go through the roof. Our company, which has been in business since 1979, is staffed by experienced, highly trained technicians who know how to address and prevent a wide array of pests. Through Integrated Pest Management and other techniques, we can rid your home of mosquitoes, termites and any other pests.

Pest Control in Greater Boston

The main reason that do-it-yourself measures rarely work when it comes to pests is because you need an in-depth understanding of how they work to properly eradicate them--and to keep them from returning.

Some of the most common pests that General Environmental Services receives calls about in Quincy include:

Mosquitoes - Nothing can put a damper on an outdoor gathering like swarms of biting mosquitoes. These pests don't just cause itchy bites. They harbor many diseases and can multiply with alarming speed. To reduce their populations, it is crucial to identify their breeding grounds, which are typically found in pools of standing water. Our team will treat the area to eliminate existing mosquitoes and take steps to prevent future infestations.

Carpenter Ants - Of the thousands of species of ants that exist, carpenter ants, which are commonly found in Quincy and Boston, are among the most troublesome. These large ants tunnel into wood to make their nests, so they are highly destructive. They also love meats and sweets, so once they have found a source, getting rid of them is very difficult. General Environmental Services will take steps to eliminate the entire colony, allowing you to reclaim your home.

Termites - Termites can wreak major havoc on the structural integrity of even the most well-built home. By the time you notice signs of their presence--droppings, discarded wings, cracking or bubbling paints and mud tubes on walls--they already have an active and thriving colony going. It is crucial to get the situation under control quickly, and General Environmental Services can help.

General Environmental Services: Quincy Pest Control Experts

For almost 40 years, General Environmental Services has proudly served homeowners and business owners around Greater Boston. A registered Green Pro company, we rely on techniques that are as safe and effective as possible. We also specialize in Integrated Pest Management, which involves determining the underlying cause of the infestation and addressing it to prevent new problems in the future.

By the time you notice a pest infestation, it's already spiraled beyond your control. Don't leave things to chance when it comes to the safety and comfort of your home. At the first sign of trouble, get in touch with General Environmental Services. We are here to help, so contact us today.

Lynn, MA Pest Control

Lynn is cold in the winter and warm in the summer. The climate is somewhat humid during most of the year since there is rain in the summer and snow in the winter. Residents see a fair share of pests ranging from raccoons to spiders. Most pests that thrive off of the moisture, greenery and other bugs in the summer move indoors during the winter. One pest that is problematic regardless of the season is a bedbug.

Where To Find Bedbugs

Bedbugs are distinguishable by their tiny flat bodies, which are brown and round to slightly elongated. They tend to be more round after they have had a blood meal. They range in size between a speck of dirt and a small pebble depending on their life stage. Bedbugs prefer to hide in dark places where they can wait for sleeping prey. You may find them under your sheets or mattress, under furniture cushions or in the carpet. You must be quick about searching since they shy away from light and movement.

A common sign of these pests is dirt-like residue that is a reddish-brown color. This is their excrement. You may see exoskeletons that have been shed. Also, some people report a musky scent where an infestation is located. Another indicator of a bedbug problem is their bites. If you notice red itchy bumps on your skin, they may be from bedbugs. There are usually multiple bumps, and they often appear in a straight line.

How Bedbugs Spread

Bedbugs spread easily on clothing and in luggage or purses. You may pick them up from a hotel, your workplace or even a friend's home. Your child could bring them home from school if there are communal coat and bag racks. Bedbugs can also crawl between different lockers, which means that you can pick them up from the gym as well. The possibilities are endless. When bedbugs breed in your home, their population grows rapidly.

Risks Of Bedbugs

Although bedbug bites do not usually cause harm and are not poisonous, scratching the bites may result in a skin infection. Another risk for some individuals is spreading bedbugs. Some landlords include wording in a lease that holds a tenant financially responsible for treatment of his or her unit and any surrounding units if a bedbug infestation is traced to that person. Also, bedbugs are hard to eradicate. Their tiny bodies make it easy for them to hide in small crevices. Although they live off of human blood, they can still survive for months without fresh blood. All of these factors make a recipe for a disastrous pest infestation.

How To Remove Bedbugs

You may see bedbug sprays for sale online or DIY methods listed in forums. Only professionals have the right substances and methods for removal. You could wind up hurting yourself, your family members or your belongings by using ineffective DIY methods. Also, wasting time with these methods only means that the infestation will grow even more. If you see bedbugs, call a professional immediately. Schedule an inspection if you suspect bedbugs but are not sure if an infestation exists. We also offer preventative plans for bedbugs and other pests. Please contact General Environmental Services for pest control in the Boston metro area.

Salem, MA Pest Control

Salem is a well-known city for its controversial past but also for its pleasant residential areas, amenities and close proximity to Boston. The climate is somewhat damp since there is plentiful precipitation during each season. With the humidity and greenery of the summer months, small pests and larger pests that feed off of smaller pests are plentiful. From wasps to mice, you are sure to experience a few nuisances if you live in the area. Two of the most common pests are bedbugs and termites.


There are both dampwood and drywood termites to worry about. Dampwood termites generally destroy rotting tree stumps and shrubbery. However, they are known to attack wood under your home and behind the walls especially if there is seeping water. Drywood termites destroy anything from support beams and eaves to wallpaper and textiles.

Dampwood termites enter your home through tiny tubes or tunnels of dirt, which may be visible along the foundation of your home. Drywood termites usually enter through crevices along your windows or under the doors. When the temperatures start rising in the spring, termites become active. You may notice piles of wings from swarmers after they shed them. There may be gnawed or bubbled wood, and support beams may sound hollow when you knock on them.

You should never try to eradicate a termite infestation alone. Chemical mixtures can harm you, your family, your pets and your home or lawn. When people use DIY methods, they often mistakenly think that they have eliminated the problem when they actually send the colony of termites to a different hard-to-find area. Damages can reach into the thousands within a matter of weeks. This is especially true if the termites attack your foundation or if you have Subterranean termites.


In the past decade, bedbugs have emerged again as a major threat. They have been spreading like wildfire throughout the Northeast. These pests spread on clothing or in bags. People often pick them up from hotels, workplaces, clothing stores, homes of friends, schools, gyms and just about any other place where humans visit.

A bedbug infestation may be marked by a musky odor in one area. Also, there may be reddish-colored excrement that looks like dirt along your mattress or on furniture. Although bedbugs are hard to see because of their tiny size and elusive nature, you may find them by looking under a mattress, furniture cushions or carpeting. Another indicator of their presence is their telltale bite patterns. Bedbug bites are usually tiny, red, itchy and in a straight line.

Bedbugs can live months without feasting on human blood. Their ability to hide in crevices makes them hard to find and remove. Also, the speed at which they reproduce makes them a tough pest to eradicate.

How To Remove Pests In Salem, MA

General Environmental Services offers termite and bedbug removal. We also handle a wide variety of other pests from ants to rodents. If you see bedbugs, termites or any other pests or suspect an infestation, call us for a prompt inspection. We offer reliable and effective pest removal in the Boston metro area. Also, we have preventative plans that keep you ahead of costly pests. Please call us today for a free estimate or for more information.

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