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Hot, humid Weymouth summers may be hard for people living in the area, but there's one part of the population that thrives on warmth and moisture: bed bugs. Find out why these pesky bloodsuckers call our city home -- and what you can do to prevent or eliminate infestations.

Why Do Bed Bugs Love Weymouth MA?

We love the metro Boston area -- but probably for much different reasons than bed bugs. As a bustling city and hub for world-class education, Beantown attracts visitors and newcomers from around the globe. While global travel is a boon to our economy and culture, it also provides ample opportunity for bedbugs to hitch a ride in luggage, purses and laptop bags.

Bed Bug Prevention

One common way for bed bugs to enter homes is by hiding out in furniture. Used furniture is more likely to be infested, but in rare cases, it is possible to bring bugs in on new pieces. Wearing medical gloves, inspect all furniture with a flashlight before bringing it into your home. Check nail or screw holes, crevices and other potential hiding places. If you're inspecting upholstered furniture or a mattress, run a credit card along the fabric while shining your flashlight on the area.

Avoid Bed Bugs Outside of Boston

Weymouth isn't the only city prone to bed bug infestations. When traveling, inspect the bed and other furniture before settling into a room. If you don't see any tiny blood marks upon pulling back the bedspread -- signs that bed bugs have feasted on former guests -- it doesn't necessarily mean you're safe. Pick up the mattress and look for cast skins, eggs, and fecal marks, which look like dark marks from felt-tip pens. Place your luggage in sealed plastic bags until you can inspect it. Freeze any infested items or wash in very hot water.

Bed Bug Identification

Bed bug eggs are pinhead-sized and pearly white. They may sport a dot in the center. Young bed bugs are translucent or yellow-white. They can appear darker after feedings. Fully grown bed bugs are appleseed-sized and have flat, oval-shaped bodies. Adults are reddish-brown with short golden hairs, become more round after feeding and may have a sweetly musty odor. Their beaks have three segments, while their antennas have four parts. Bed bugs have wings but, fortunately, do not fly.

Prevention goes a long way toward keeping bedbugs out of your home or office. If you do spot signs of an infestation, it's time to call the professionals. DIY solutions are ineffective and sometimes even dangerous. General Environmental Services has provided expert pest control services to homes and businesses in and around Boston MA since 1979. Contact us for safe, fast, effective treatments to prevent or eliminate bed bug infestations.

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