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Pest Control In Lowell, MA

Lowell is 27 miles northwest of Boston and the fourth largest city in Massachusetts. Its textile mills and factories made it an essential part of the American Industrial Revolution, impacting its growth. The Merrimack River and Concord River run through the city, providing residents with boating, fishing, and other water-related activities.

This urban community is home to many pests that invade homes and businesses. They can cause damage to structures and spread illnesses to people, resulting in expensive repairs and medical bills. Many of these animals are tiny, enabling them to hide from occupants. Fortunately, Lowell, MA, pest control professionals can protect you and your property.

General Environmental Services uses the best tools and techniques to keep Lowell properties pest-free. We provide our pest management professionals with the resources for the best pest services in Middlesex County.

Residential Pest Control In Lowell

Lowell, MA historic home

Your family's health and safety is essential for an enjoyable lifestyle. Residents do various things to protect their households but often neglect the most significant threat. Pests invade houses for food, water, and shelter, hiding in rarely accessed parts of your building. They cause damage in hidden spaces and spread pathogens that can make you sick.

General Environmental Services protects residents with expert home pest control in Lowell, MA. We'll inspect your property to discover your problem, look for signs of the infestation, and provide our options. Our initial service usually includes fogging, trapping, or baiting, focusing on commonly infested areas like plumbing and hiding spots.

Our home protection plan includes three recurring services, protecting your home year-round. We'll also return to your home between visits at no additional charge if any issues arise. Call us to keep pests out of your Lowell home.

Commercial Pest Control In Lowell

While pests regularly infest homes, commercial facilities are even more attractive. These structures provide food, water, and storage spaces for hiding. The animals that invade Lowell businesses can damage equipment and spread illnesses to employees and customers. These threats can negatively impact production and scare visitors away. The solution to these concerns is commercial pest control in Lowell, MA.

Our commercial services at General Environmental Services begin with an inspection to find the pests and their hiding spots. We'll develop a customized treatment plan that might include placing traps, installing bait boxes, or spraying your interior and exterior. We can adjust our services to avoid disrupting your hours of operation.

Commercial pest control requires frequent visits, so our recurring plan includes monthly services. However, we'll customize them to meet your needs. Contact us to protect your Lowell business from pests.

Where Carpenter Ant Damage Is Most Common Around Lowell Homes

Carpenter ants are the most destructive species in Lowell. A common misconception is that they eat wood. Instead, they excavate galleries where they live and raise their young. This process results in tiny piles of sawdust appearing anywhere these creatures infest, indicating a carpenter ant infestation.

These ants are attracted to moist and damp spaces of homes, conditions that produce soft or rotting wood that's easy to chew through. In many cases, these conditions come from problems during construction, making buildings vulnerable before anyone moves in. Some of the most common areas carpenter ants cause damage in Lowell homes include:

  • Wall voids

  • Hollow doors

  • Insulation

Our carpenter ant removal services at General Environmental Services start by inspecting your home to find where these pests are nesting and their entry points. We use bait traps to draw them out, eliminate their nests with boric acid, and destroy the scent trails that attract other pests. We can also regularly check your home for new infestations.

Carpenter ants are destructive pests that infest Lowell homes. Let us know if you see signs of these pests on your property.

Why Lowell Homes Need Professional Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are some of the most troublesome pests to find in Lowell homes. They enter through tiny cracks in your exterior, travel in groups, and hide in hard-to-see spaces. They're nocturnal, so you're unlikely to see these pests. In fact, spotting them during the day indicates a severe cockroach infestation.

These creatures live in unsanitary conditions outside your house and carry potentially dangerous pathogens on their bodies. They leave them on surfaces, causing health concerns. You might think over-the-counter products will eliminate cockroaches, but these methods are usually unsuccessful. Some of the reasons why Lowell homes need professional cockroach control include:

  • Cockroaches are hard to find in your house.

  • Professionals have the tools for long-term removal.

  • Professionals will eliminate health concerns left behind.

General Environmental Services offers the best cockroach control in Lowell and surrounding areas. We'll find where these pests are hiding and their entry points, ending your infestation and preventing future problems. These insects leave pathogens that can cause long-term health concerns, so we'll also solve those issues.

Cockroaches can cause severe health issues in your home, but our pest management professionals have the answer. Give us a call to protect your house from these potentially dangerous pests.

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