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At General Environmental Services, Inc we deal with every pest problem imaginable. Few insects, however, have the capability of striking fear in the heart of a homeowner like the termite. Silent and destructive, termites can thrive in a home for months or even years without alerting the homeowner to their presence. Termites live off cellulose, which is found in abundant quantities in all homes, regardless of what type of material the house is built from. Even the beautiful brick houses prevalent in Boston are not impervious to termites.

During the summer, swarming termites may become a common sight, when colonies mature and start reproducing. If you’ve noticed discarded wings, mud tunnels, or dark pellets in or around your home, don’t procrastinate to reach out for termite control in Boston. By the time a termite colony has advanced to produce swarmers, it may already have done a great deal of damage to the structure.

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How to Treat Termites?

One method of getting rid of termites is adding chemicals to the soil around your home. These chemicals, known as termiticides, are designed to kill off colonies of termites and disrupt their life cycle. It is also essential to ensure that any cracks or crevices around windows, doorways and other potential entry points are sealed correctly.

What to do if you see Termites in your House?

If you ever come across termites in your home, the best thing to do is reach out to your local termite control company. By doing this, they can confirm that you do have termites, and take the necessary steps to get rid of and help prevent a future termite infestation from happening.

Signs you have termites in your home:

  • Damaged wood throughout your home that termites feast on
  • Swarms sightings
  • Termite droppings
  • Holes on the walls

Distinguishing between Termites & Flying Ants

People often confuse swarming termites with flying ants. There are distinctive differences, however. It is important to know the difference so that the right strategy of eradication can be applied.

To discern a termite from a winged ant, compare the visual biological differences, such as the fact that:

  • Ants have a narrow, wasp-like waist (more "cinched" in the middle of the body), while termites do not have a defined waist.
  • Ant wings are about equal to the body size, with the fore and hind wings of unequal length. Termites have four wings of equal length that are nearly twice as long as their bodies.
  • Ant antennae are L-shaped, with a "bend," while termite antennae are straight.

Termite Prevention in Boston
Termites in Boston and throughout Eastern Massachusetts can easily access a home or business through any wood in contact with the soil. As a result, nearly every termite prevention list advises storing firewood several feet from the house and keeping the surrounding grounds clear of other wood debris.

You should also check the foundations of your home to spot any large holes or cracks that termites could get in, or areas where wood could be exposed. Regular inspections by pest control companies are highly recommended. A pest control technician can save a homeowner thousands of dollars in home repair bills by conducting routine professional inspections regularly.

Eliminating the Colony with Our Dedicated Team

Ultimately, no matter how rigorous your prevention techniques are, termite control isn’t something you can do on your own. At General Environmental Services, Inc, we recommend that you don’t wait until you know you have a problem before doing something about it.

A yearly home inspection can ensure that termites don’t have the chance to settle in and get comfortable. Once they start swarming, our team must quickly eradicate termites before they simply reproduce a larger colony. If you need an inspection or have noticed signs of a swarm, call us immediately for a free quote. The sooner you act, the greater your protection.

Contact us now at (781) 531-9290 so that our dependable technicians can offer you superior termite control in Boston.

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