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Pest Control In Manchester, MA

Manchester is a coastal community on Cape Ann. The Essex County town is 30 miles north of Boston and an attractive destination during the warm months. Its historic homes, winding streets, and ocean views make this New England town a popular place to live, work, and visit.

The parks and beaches provide residents with a relaxing environment and homes for various pests. These pests wander around town unnoticed and invade homes for necessities or to avoid predators. They can cause damage and spread illnesses while inside, threatening your health and safety. Manchester, MA, pest control professionals can find and remove these intruders.

General Environmental Services has kept pests off Manchester properties for more than 40 years. We use the best tools and techniques to protect you from the problems caused by Massachusetts pests.

Residential Pest Control In Manchester

Manchester, MA historic home

Manchester’s quiet and relaxing environment is attractive and can result in residents keeping their guard down. The people are friendly, but the pests cause problems when they invade buildings. They squeeze through tiny entry points, spreading illnesses and damaging properties. Professional home pest control in Manchester, MA, will keep you from suffering an infestation.

The age of many Manchester homes makes them susceptible to pests and requires General Environmental Services for protection. We’ll inspect the inside and outside of your house to find the intruders and possible entry points. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques enable us to reduce the use of traditional treatments to protect your health.

The key to a pest-free home is year-round protection, so we offer quarterly visits to reinspect your house and provide necessary treatments. Give us a call to keep pests out of your Manchester home.

Commercial Pest Control In Manchester

Manchester features various businesses that provide goods and services for residents and visitors. Anything that threatens the operations or safety of these businesses is a threat to the community. Unfortunately, local pests can cause damage and spread illnesses when they invade facilities, making commercial pest control in Manchester, MA, essential.

Our pest management professionals at General Environmental Services protect businesses in Manchester and neighboring communities. We know the habits of the area’s common pests, enabling us to keep them out of your facility. We’ll close potential entry points, remove attractants, and perform other tasks to protect you from these nuisances.

Maintaining a pest-free business is a year-round project, so we offer monthly recurring services to keep pests away. We’ll reinspect your building, provide necessary treatments, and return between visits when you spot intruders. Contact us to discover how our commercial services can protect you.

Take Your Yard Back From Manchester's Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are frequent visitors during the warm months of the year. They hide from the sun and appear around dawn and dusk, seemingly covering your yard. They’ll constantly bite your arms and legs to consume your blood, making it difficult to enjoy the outdoors.

Most mosquitoes are harmless, but some species spread illnesses when they bite. Identifying the species in your yard is hard, so keeping them all away is the best option. These pests are attracted to properties by shade and standing water, a necessity for reproducing. Removing these attractants will deter them from invading your property. Effective ways to keep mosquitoes from your yard include:

  • Cut your grass short to reduce shade.

  • Remove standing water in your yard.

  • Circulate the water in bird baths and fountains.

  • Dump water out of buckets and tires.

At General Environmental Services, our mosquito treatment includes environmentally friendly treatments to eliminate adults, larvae, and eggs. We’ll remove standing water on your property and tall grass to reduce attractive conditions.

Our mosquito removal services also remove ticks that threaten the health of your family and pets. Give us a call if mosquitoes have taken over your Manchester yard.

Tips And Tricks To Combat Termites In Manchester

Termites are some of the most dangerous pests for Manchester homes. They infest buildings to eat the wood, damage their structural integrity, and remain hidden on your property. They slowly consume the wood in your house, so they can cause extensive damage before you recognize the infestation.

These insects live in your soil, build tunnels to reach your building, and are attracted by moisture and wood. These habits provide clues to deter these creatures from damaging your house. Tips and tricks to keep termites out of your Manchester home include:

  • Direct water away from your foundation.

  • Seal openings in your home's exterior.

  • Prevent wood-to-soil contact.

  • Repair leaks in your house.

Termites are too dangerous and elusive to handle yourself. Our termite control services at General Environmental Services will find these pests and determine how they got into your house. We’ll use effective products to remove the insects and eliminate attractants to keep them away.

Regular termite inspections and treatments are the best way to protect your home from these potentially devastating intruders. Let us know if you’re concerned about termites on your Manchester property.

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