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Mosquito Control In Boston

Boston's Battle Plan Against Ticks & Mosquitoes

When you think of a summer in the Boston area, you probably think of sunlit days, outdoor gatherings, and, unfortunately, the unwelcome presence of ticks and mosquitoes. Imagine planning a perfect picnic or a garden party, only to have it invaded by these relentless biting pests. Or, consider the children and pets who love playing outdoors but are often at the receiving end of tick and mosquito bites. The presence of these pests can diminish the sheer joy of being outside during our beautiful summers.

And beyond the immediate annoyance they cause, these pests present a genuine health concern. The itches and bumps they leave behind can spread diseases like West Nile virus and encephalitis. If tick and mosquito control in Boston is a priority for you, rest assured that General Environmental Services stands ready to assist. Since 1979, we've been dedicated to ensuring that these pests don't disrupt the peace of your home and outdoor events.

With this in mind, our team at General Environmental Services works diligently, leveraging our years of experience, to ensure that every Boston resident can enjoy the outdoors without the looming threat of these pests. Our goal is a safer, more enjoyable summer for everyone in our community. Contact us today to get started with effective mosquito and tick control in Boston.

Superior Tick & Mosquito Services In Eastern Massachusetts

There are dozens of mosquito species in New England, and many of them feed on the blood of people and pets. This is why we proudly provide mosquito control in Boston. When the weather is warm enough, countless homes in the region become infested with these flying mosquitoes.

Ticks can be found year-round in Boston but are most prevalent in the warm summer months. These parasites are on a continual quest for a host. If a host is unavailable, a tick can survive up to a year without feeding. Ticks can also transmit a number of diseases as a result of feeding off both human and animal hosts.

Health Risks Associated With Mosquitoes In Eastern Massachusetts

According to biologists, Mosquitoes are deadlier than any other animal in the world. They kill millions of humans and livestock each year by spreading diseases such as malaria and yellow fever. These diseases have been mostly eradicated in the United States, but Mosquitoes are still able to spread the infamous West Nile virus.

One horrible problem is that those who become infected with this virus are at risk for several illnesses. Even dogs and cats are also at risk, since mosquito bites are the exclusive cause of heartworms.

Some of these additional illnesses include:

  • West Nile fever

  • Encephalitis

  • Meningitis

  • Skin problems and allergic reactions

Characteristics Of Ticks

There are two established families of ticks: hard ticks and soft. A tick matures from egg to adult in stages. Depending on the family, some reach maturity in only a few stages of growth. Other varieties may take as many as eight stages to develop. The length of time to reach maturity also depends on factors such as temperature, humidity, and food availability. Concerning physical characteristics, an immature tick has six legs; a full-grown adult has eight.

A female tick must have a blood meal before she can lay eggs. After feeding, she drops off her host and lays thousands of eggs. A female tick lays one batch of eggs, after which she dies. A male tick also dies after reproducing. Despite their deaths, however, ticks have already done incredible damage by laying so many eggs.

Our Proactive Process Against These Pests

Considering the health risks associated with ticks and mosquitoes, it's crucial to have an effective elimination strategy in place. DIY measures often aren’t enough, making expert help essential to enjoying a pest-free yard. At General Environmental Services, our approach to mosquito and tick control is multi-pronged and meticulous:

  • Understand the problem: New England is home to a variety of mosquito species, each with its unique behavior and breeding grounds. Ticks, on the other hand, while fewer in species, are more resilient and active throughout the year, especially during those humid summer months. Our team invests time in understanding the specifics of these pests, ensuring we counteract them effectively.

  • Target breeding grounds: Whether it's that unnoticed puddle behind your garage or an ornamental fountain in your garden, stagnant water acts as a magnet for mosquito breeding. We meticulously scout and treat these potential breeding zones, disrupting the mosquito lifecycle.

  • Tackle tick habitats: Ticks are crafty. They prefer tall grasses, wooded areas, and leaf litter. Our strategy is twofold: educate you about maintaining your landscape and provide hands-on assistance in clearing tick-prone zones.

  • Effective treatment: While many resort to over-the-counter treatments, we recognize the limitations of such methods. Our arsenal includes industry-grade mosquito treatments that eradicate both larvae and eggs. For ticks, our environmentally conscious approach incorporates products that are potent against ticks but gentle on Mother Earth.

  • Regular monitoring: Our commitment doesn't end after a single treatment. Pests are persistent, and so are we. Our team revisits treated areas, ensuring that the solutions we've implemented are still effective.

At the core of our service is a simple belief: your yard should be a safe haven for family memories, not a playground for pests. Your home's outdoor space, be it a lawn, patio, or garden, should be a place of relaxation, play, and gatherings. With ticks and mosquitoes posing genuine threats, proactive measures are more than just a convenience; they're a necessity. 

At General Environmental Services, we're dedicated to ensuring Boston residents can enjoy their yards without the intrusion of pests. Our commitment is clear: a pest-free yard for a safer, more enjoyable family time. Let us help make your outdoor spaces truly livable and free from unwanted guests with our tick and mosquito control services.

Our Services For Destroying Mosquitoes & Ticks

Attempting to rid your home of the tick infestation can be difficult and frustrating, as eggs can hatch months later, long after you think you have the situation under control. As for Mosquitoes, these pests swarm at outdoor events and breed prolifically in stagnant water – from bird baths to discarded tires – even puddles from the latest rainfall. Certain land features, such as swamps, reservoirs, and retention ponds are virtual breeding grounds for mosquitoes. And, all it takes is one tenacious pest to infiltrate your home and make everyone inside miserable.

Fortunately, our specialists at General Environmental Services, Inc. are highly experienced at removing both of these kinds of pests. We can use strong mosquito insecticide to kill larva and eggs, utilizing chemicals that are far more effective than weak over-the-counter options. We can also drain ponds, swimming pools, birdbaths, or any other damp environments harboring mosquitoes. We can also clear tall grass and thickets where ticks like to hide, and use environment-friendly pesticides to kill ticks as well.

Your Yard, Our Responsibility: Safety First In Boston

At General Environmental Services, we've honed our techniques and fortified our strategies when it comes to mosquito and tick removal in Boston. As a proud woman-owned and locally operated business, we deeply understand the nuances and needs of the community. Our understanding of Boston's unique ecological landscape enables us to tailor solutions that are both effective and sustainable. Homeowners, businesses, and even public spaces have benefitted from our services, transforming properties into havens free from mosquito and tick threats. 

In a world where quick fixes are the norm, our belief is different. We bank on effective, long-term solutions that stand the test of time, ensuring our neighbors can relish their outdoor moments without reservations.

Don't let these pests rob you of the joys of Boston's summer. With a legacy that speaks for itself, General Environmental Services remains the city's preferred choice for pest control. Whether it's your cozy backyard, a bustling commercial space, or a sprawling park, we're equipped to handle it all. Let's forge a partnership to make your spaces safer, healthier, and most importantly, pest-free! Contact us today to learn more about how we get rid of mosquitoes and ticks in your yard.

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