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What are beetles?

Beetles are a diverse group of insects that live worldwide, and while most live outside, well away from people, a handful of species have become common household pests. 

Beetles belong to the order Coleoptera, which means "sheathed wing." Beetles are insects with a first pair of wings with a hard protective sheath covering their delicate hind (flight) wings. At rest, their protective wings meet in the middle of their body, forming a distinct line down their backs. 

Beetles are helpful insects that break down waste matter, dead or decaying animals, leaf litter, and other organic debris. They also aerate the soil in garden areas and feed on and control problematic garden pests. 

However, like any insect, beetles moving from their outdoor environments into our homes become unwanted pests. Luckily, General Environmental Services offers local home and commercial pest control you can count on to help you maintain a home that is free of beetles and other household pests. 

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Are beetles dangerous?

The biggest issue with beetles is their ability to invade, contaminate, and damage things stored within our homes. Beetle larvae typically cause the most damage. Adult females lay their eggs on a suitable food source. When the larvae hatch, they immediately begin to feed. Beetles are destructive pests and, by using their chewing mouthparts, will cause damage to:

  • Stored pantry items

  • Rugs

  • Upholstered furniture

  • Clothing

  • Bedding and linens

  • Books

  • Wood and wood structures

Adult beetles also leave behind droppings on surfaces that cause unsightly staining.

Why do I have a beetle problem?

Adult beetles in Boston often find their way into our homes through cracks and gaps they come across as they travel over the exterior of your home. Lights around windows and doors attract beetles, and they can also get inside through damaged weatherstripping or torn screens.

Beetle infestations also begin when adults, eggs, or larvae hitchhike inside our homes. Beetles can move indoors through infested wood or wooden furniture, rugs, blankets, clothing, upholstered furniture, and dry goods like cereal, flour, and other grains. 

Where will I find beetles?

Beetles live outside near our homes in damp areas with lots of cover, like gardens and flowerbeds. They also like to gather under things like wood piles, trash cans, and potted plants. Many types of beetles wind up in our houses while searching for a safe, dry place to lay their eggs. In addition to our homes, beetles get inside and thrive in other structures that provide food and breeding sites like restaurants, pet stores, grocery stores, museums, and storage facilities. 

Finding adult beetles crawling over a home’s surfaces or around windows or light fixtures usually alerts people to a problem with these pests. The small size of their eggs and larvae makes them easy to overlook. In addition to spotting adults, other signs of a potential beetle problem include finding small holes in upholstery or fabrics, books, and food packaging.

How do I get rid of beetles?

Are you tired of finding beetles crawling throughout your home? Get rid of beetles with the help of the professionals at General Environmental Services. Using the skills of our experienced pest management professionals and our superior pest control services, we will find, treat, and eliminate unwanted beetles from your home. Reach out today and speak with one of our helpful experts to learn about local beetle and pest control in Boston.

How can I prevent beetles in the future?

Prevent problems with beetles in your Boston home using these easy-to-implement prevention tips:

  • Regularly vacuum and dust to pick up shed pet hair, human hair, and dust.

  • Store clothing, bedding, and other fabrics in plastic containers with locking lids instead of cardboard boxes.

  • Don’t purchase dry goods with holes or tears in the packaging.

  • Store dry goods in airtight containers instead of their original packaging.

  • Replace torn screens or damaged weatherstripping to eliminate common entry points.

Don’t share your home with beetles for a day longer than necessary. Learn about pest control for beetles by calling today and speaking with one of our helpful professionals.

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