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Centipedes & Millipedes

What are centipedes and millipedes?

Centipedes and millipedes are pests that we regularly talk about at the same time because of their many similarities. They live in the same areas, have similar behaviors, have many legs, and regularly end up in our homes. Despite being similar, they are two different species with some notable differences.

Centipedes have an elongated body that is flattened from top to bottom. Extending from each of their body segments is one pair of legs. Most centipedes have between 15 and 191 legs, depending on the species and size. Centipedes are predators who use their legs to move quickly to chase after and hunt down their prey.

Millipedes also have an elongated, segmented body but a more cylindrical shape. These leggy pests have two pairs of legs extending from each body segment. A millipede's diet primarily consists of decaying organic debris. Though they have many legs, they move much slower than centipedes. When threatened, as a means of defense, millipedes will curl into a tight ball. The best way to keep these pests from invading your home is to contact a Boston pest control expert. Regular pest control is key to maintaining a pest-free home.

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Are centipedes and millipedes dangerous?

Centipedes and millipedes are not pests that should strike fear in your heart. These pests are more of a nuisance than a danger. Finding these moisture-loving pests in large populations near or inside your home should alert you to a potential moisture issue that you must address. Additionally, if these pests are in your home, there are openings in its exterior that you need to repair to prevent other insects and pests from moving inside. 

The biggest concern about sharing your home with centipedes is that they can bite people. Centipede bites are quite painful and similar to that of a bee sting. Millipedes don’t bite but secrete a fluid that can irritate your skin.

Why do I have a centipede and millipede problem?

Centipedes and millipedes live outside in damp areas of soil and vegetation. In our Boston yards, these worm-like creatures with legs hang out in gardens, flowerbeds, wood piles, mulch, or dense ground cover. When living outside near our homes, these pests often get inside while trying to escape hot, dry weather. They move inside through small cracks and crevices they come into contact with as they search for a damp, cool area to call home. 

Where will I find centipedes and millipedes?

If centipedes or millipedes in Boston find their way into your home, they will quickly migrate to areas with high humidity. Without a source of moisture, they won’t last long. Places homeowners regularly find centipedes and millipedes include crawl spaces, basements, bathrooms, utility rooms, and kitchens. They can also infest wall voids where leaky pipes are present. 

How do I get rid of centipedes and millipedes?

General Environmental Services is here to help you eliminate common household pests like centipedes and millipedes. Through our home pest control services, we offer:

  • Thorough inspections

  • High-quality services

  • Effective treatments and techniques

  • Personalized attention

We are a locally owned and operated company that understands the unique pest pressure homeowners in Boston face. Our pest management professionals will work with you and help you maintain a pest-free home. Call today to learn more about our superior residential pest control services!

How can I prevent centipedes and millipedes in the future?

Avoid problems with these leggy pests by implementing the following prevention tips:

  • Reduce areas of excess moisture in your home, and use dehumidifiers in basements and crawl spaces.

  • Quickly repair leaky pipes or fixtures. 

  • Create a barrier between any mulch, damp soil, or leaf debris and your home.

  • Install door sweeps on exterior doors to help keep centipedes and millipedes out of your home.

  • Seal spaces around pipes and cables entering your house.

  • Store firewood up off the ground and away from your home’s exterior.

Work with a local home and commercial pest control professional to keep centipedes, millipedes, and other common household pests out of your home now and in the future!

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