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What are flies?

Flies are small flying insects that live worldwide. With more than 18,000 different species of flies living throughout the United States, these pests can find their way into any home or business. To combat their short lifespan, flies reproduce quickly and in large numbers. These common household pests can take over indoor and outdoor spaces in an impressively short amount of time.

Some physical features of adult flies include having only one pair of wings, sponging mouthparts, short antennae, and large compound eyes. Immature flies or maggots have small, soft, worm-like bodies. Flies in the Boston area are the most active in the late spring, summer, and fall when temperatures are warmest. 

Flies are common household pests that are best controlled and eliminated with the help of a local fly control expert. Read here to learn about flies and Boston fly control. 

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Are flies dangerous?

To protect your family's health, it is vital that you take proactive action to keep flies away from your home. Due to their feeding and breeding habits, flies constantly come into contact with decaying organic matter that is riddled with bacteria and human pathogens like salmonella. Then, when flies get into your home, they contaminate surfaces with these pathogens that can make you ill. In addition to the spread of disease, food contamination is a huge concern regarding flies. Having to throw away food because of a fly infestation is a common and expensive problem.

Why do I have a fly problem?

A fly problem typically begins outside. When flies live outside in large populations near our homes, they will eventually make their way inside through small openings and weak spots in your home. Torn screens, damaged weatherstripping, and vents are common entry points. Once inside, depending on the species, flies will use produce stored on counters, damaged food packaging, garbage in trash cans, or organic debris in drains and pipes as a place to feed and lay their eggs. 

Several types of flies also get into our homes by hitchhiking. Hitchhiking flies enter on contaminated fruits and vegetables purchased from grocery stores, farm stands, or that you pick from your garden.

Where will I find flies?

We regularly find flies swarming around food and breeding sites like:

  • Compost

  • Trash

  • Animal excrement

  • Clogged gutters

  • Decaying yard debris

  • Standing water

Flies become the most problematic in our homes in areas that put them near decaying organic debris and moisture. Places commonly infested by these scavenging, opportunistic pests are kitchens, bathrooms, crawl spaces, and wall voids near leaky pipes or fixtures.

Many flies are also attracted to light; therefore, you will find flies swarming around things like exterior lights, indoor light fixtures, televisions, and computer screens.

How do I get rid of flies?

General Environmental Services is here to help you get rid of flies. Our pest management professionals will perform thorough inspections, high-quality services, and comprehensive treatments. Our personalized attention will ensure that we solve your property’s fly problem and that these pests won’t return. We are a locally owned and operated company, and our professionals understand Boston homeowners' unique pest control needs. Call today to learn about fly control near you.

How can I prevent flies in the future?

Avoid attracting flies to your yard and home with the help of the following prevention measures:

  • Keep outdoor cooking and eating areas free of leftover food and spills.

  • Regularly clean grills and other outdoor cooking equipment.

  • Remove areas of standing water from your yard.

  • Repair leaky pipes and fixtures.

  • Regularly harvest garden areas and pick up fallen fruits and vegetables.

  • If you own pets, make sure to pick up their waste regularly. 

  • Do not prop open windows and doors.

  • Refrain from storing food on counters or tables. 

  • Keep outdoor lights off whenever possible.

Despite your best efforts, if you are still frustrated with flies swarming your property, we can help. Reach out today for information about fly and residential pest control in Boston.

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